Thursday, 23 September 2010


Huge apologies for the lack of posts this season - I should probably explain myself. Launching The Saints Fanzine - which is proving there's life in the ol' dead tree press yet - was to blame at first, but I started at journalism school three weeks ago, which has robbed me of any spare time or social life full stop (some say I didn't have the latter in the first place.)

Anyway, my posting capability will be severely limited for the foreseeable future, for which I apologise. In better news, I have been talking to bookmakers Coral, who will be throwing some Saints tickets our way for competitions - I will post more here shortly. Also, we hope to bring out the third issue of The Saints Fanzine towards the end of October.

Would also just like to point people in the direction of this article about Saints, which appeared on excellent football funnies website The DA after the Colchester game. I met the ingenious creator of the site Craig Woods before the game to give him in the inside track on all things Saints. Incidentally, one of my colleagues at journalism school, Richard Cutcher also writes for the site. Not only is he a top bloke, he was the Derby County mascot who hit the headlines last year for getting in a fight with two Reading players! If you fancy a laugh, please read this.

Which team will fill the third relegation spot?

Four games left. Will Saints survive?

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