Friday, 23 January 2009

Poortvliet resigns

Jan Poortvliet has tonight resigned as Saints manager, his position having been made untenable by his side's dire home form this season. After the club's perilous situation reached boiling point on Saturday- Poortvliet was confronted by fans on the touchline- mounting criticism and anger this week appears to have pushed him over the edge. Though the club's finances seemed to rule out a sacking, it appears that he was jumped before he was pushed, a decision which plays into the hands of the board.

The finances cloud the club's hunt for a successor. Club chairman Michael Wilde struck a worrying note tonight by appointing Poortvliet's right hand man, Mark Wotte, and stressing the need for "continuity." After such a poor season and a real danger of relegation, "continuity" is the last thing the club needs. If the board is to save the situation, it must administer the last rites to the Dutch Revolution before relegation becomes a reality.

I will be writing more on the reign of Poortvliet over the weekend, before Saints travel to Norwich on Tuesday for Wotte's first match in charge.

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