Sunday, 15 February 2009

Another matchday, another defeat Saints can ill-afford

Saints slipped to another costly defeat yesterday, unable to break through the defences of an average Bristol City side. Given City's impressive record against the Championship's lesser sides this year, this result will have taken few by surprise. It will come, however, as another massive blow for Mark Wotte's dwindling hopes of salvaging survival in the final quarter of a wretched season.

Bristol City 2 - Saints 0

Saints had some chances and the final result was by no means a fair reflection of the game - the second goal came in stoppage time after Kelvin Davies came up for a corner - but that will provide no comfort for Saints fans who saw their side slip to five points adrift of safety. With thirteen games left, Saints now have to win in their upcoming home games against Cardiff and Preston or relegation, already a likely prospect, will be almost nailed-on.

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