Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Football League delay a worrying sign

The Football League has decided against making a ruling today on whether or not to dock Saints points for going into administration. Worryingly, the board has instead commissioned an independent inquiry into the club's finances that will influence any decision made.

It looks as if they are treating the matter seriously and are yet to be persuaded by the argument that the fact that SFC's parent company, Southampton Leisure, entered administration and not the football club means the latter should avoid a points deduction.

Today's news makes survival this season even more important.

Having passed the League deadline for entering administration any points deduction would be carried over to next season if Saints go down. If they don't, the points will be deducted from their final tally this season. Either way, a points deduction would see Saints playing League 1 football next season.

Only if Saints can fight off relegation and a points deduction will they survive. But that is an unlikely scenario, and today's news bleakens the already dismal picture for fans of SFC.

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