Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Saints bow out of the Championship... will they ever return?

Saints' miserable season was finally brought to an end on Sunday as the side slumped to defeat away to Championship survivors Nottingham Forest.

Forest 3 - Saints 1

Saints were unable to end the season on a high note after BWP's opener in the first half was pegged back. It was a result, according to Mark Wotte, that summed up Saints' season, a cliche that has been pertinent to all too many of their recent results. The departure from the club of midfielder Ryan Smith (the next Ronaldo, apparently) and left back Rudi Skacel (a supposed big name who fans will be pleased to see the back of) have already been announced. Other players, along with significant wage cuts, will follow as the club seeks to negotiate a way out of its present state of limbo.

Saints remain in urgent need of a buyer and are unable to send out season ticket forms until one has been found. On life support, they will start life in the third tier on minus ten even if they survive the summer. A Leicester-style return to the Championship looks unlikely to say the least, but many fans would no doubt prefer a few seasons of stability in League One to seeing the club go out of business. It may be all they have to cling on to.

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