Friday, 14 August 2009

ShotGunn dismissal leaves Canaries reeling

In fairness, when I tipped Norwich for the title - just a week ago - I did say that my predictions have a tendency to end in tears. But I didn't expect this one to go tits up quite so quickly.

After just a game of the new season, the Canaries have ditched their manager Bryan Gunn. Given their terrible start - they were beaten 7-1 by Colchester at home on Saturday - this decision will surprise few. Despite restoring some pride with a cup win on Tuesday, having supporters throw their season tickets at you on the opening day puts you in a rather irrecoverable position and he had to go. So much for them emerging as champions in May - although the bookies had favoured them too, I add in defence.

Raises an interesting point, though. Out of all the relegated teams - us, Norwich, Charlton - who would you rather be supporting? Norwich's season may have ended before it started and while Charlton look solid, there is nothing to set the world alight. Down here on the south coast, however, we have a solid manager who is doing and saying all the right things, a couple of respectable results and some very positive signings. We may still be 9 points behind but the feel-good factor is back. Give me Saints any day.


David Attwood said...

very interesting point, but norwich are still a very good team and i would not put it past them to win the title. they came down to yeovil in the week and they look very much jekyll and hyde. They are dreadful at the back and you can see why they conceeded 7 against colchester. IF you can get a goal against them then they will crumble, however they are swift in attack. They have a nig like saints in do in Holt who cost half the price of lambert! then they have a couple of quick wingers who play off him and cause serious damage. If they get their defence sorted they will be hard to beat!

David Attwood said...

sorry that should say big man upfront like saints in Holt, not nig - i am not a racist!

Which team will fill the third relegation spot?

Four games left. Will Saints survive?

Would you be in favour of a return for Rupert?