Friday, 29 January 2010

Biggest seating changes in history of St Marys' planned

Saints are planning wholesale changes to the seating plan at St Marys, it has been revealed today.

In a high-level club meeting at St Marys recently, attended by Chairman Nicola Cortese and Ticketing boss David Luker, plans were discussed which included moving away fans to the opposite end of the stadium and giving the most vocal supporters, who have traditionally occupied half of the Northam, the entire end.

The club will be using the official website to gauge reaction from fans to the proposed changes in the coming days. They are unlikely to be recieved in uniformly positive terms, with many believing the change would just lead to Northam supporters relocating to be near to away fans again. The club believes, however, that St Mary's is unusual in situating its most vocal fans next to the away contingent. The stadium has come in for criticism over the years for its concentration of atmosphere at one end, which can lead to a poor atmosphere in other areas of the crowd.

The news was posted on the Saints Forum by an attendee at the meeting.

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Greg said...

Good to find a new Saints blog. I'll be back on a regular basis.

Which team will fill the third relegation spot?

Four games left. Will Saints survive?

Would you be in favour of a return for Rupert?