Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Burley failure surprises Scots

I can't think why. With an adequate managerial track record upon his arrival at St Marys, Burley was considered a good appointment when he joined Saints. However, a series of transfer failings (Rudi Skacel: high on wages, low on performance) and a lack of a real promotion push saw the years following our relegation wasted. The three year period following relegation, when parachute payments are still recieved, is normally a time in which ex-premiership teams dominate the Championship and achieve promotion. Not Saints, though. Under Burley's leadership those days were squandered, as well we a huge transfer kitty (over £11m in the 2006-7 pre-season), which partly explains the club's present financial woes.

Amazingly however, Scotland are surprised by Burley's recent failings. Quite how two and a half years of average Championship management equipped him for a national side is anyone's guess. But I'd much rather have bicycle-riding carpenter Jan Poortlviet in charge anyday.

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