Sunday, 21 September 2008

Jan loses can as Saints let Barnsley escape with a point

A string of missed chances saw Saints painfully stumble to a goalless draw at home to their relegation zone bedfellows Barnsley yesterday. Saints' failure to secure a win from their two home matches at St Marys this week has severely ratcheted up the pressure on Jan Poortlviet and his young side.

Saints 0 - Barnsley 0

His team's failure to secure a home win thus far this season looks to be taking its toll on the Dutch coach, right, who professed deep unhappiness with the performance of his side. Bradley Wright-Phillips came in for particular criticism over a failure to replicate strong training ground performances on a Saturday.

(Picture: Daily Echo)

And in a climate of falling attendences and mounting injury problems it will not be long before this situation turns into a crisis. Saints badly need three points, but must now wait for Saturday's trip to Doncaster for another chance. The Rupert Lowe inspired Dutch Revolution was never going to deliver instant results but a string of timid performances has set alarm bells ringing amongst fans. The end-of-the-match boos are still few and far between, but are likely to become more widespread if such relegation-inducing results continue. How long until organised anti-Lowe protests and "Sack the "board" chants, I wonder?

Come on Saints- I don't think I can take much more of this.

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