Thursday, 11 September 2008

Saints Academy rules supreme in Zagreb

Few watchers of England's 4-1 defeat of Croatia last night will have taken more pleasure in it than our very own Rupert Lowe. The hat-trick of winning goals scored by Saints Academy graduate Theo Walcott provided a timely reminder of what can be achieved if there is a strong focus on the youth set up. The official Saints website was quick to highlight the night as a vindication of Lowe's approach, with Gareth Bale and Chris Baird also shining for the home nations.

While many (myself included) complain that such a strong academy merely turns the club into a feeder club for the bigger teams, there can be no arguement that our financial woes would be far greater if it were not for the income obtained via the sales of players such as Theo Walcott and Gareth Bale.

The Boy done good.
(Picture: Copyright BBC)

And while England fans savour a dazzling victory, Saints across the world will be relishing the fact that it was only made possible by our very own academy. Well done Theo.

P.S. A quick note of well done to George Burley, after Scotland's 2-1 win away to Iceland. I was quick to criticise the other day, but if he carries on producing results like these, he will prove a success. A mighty big "if" though.

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