Thursday, 11 February 2010

Highlights and cup news

Highlights from Tuesday night's cup win are now up on the BBC website.

Hopefully Lallana will opt not to repeat the celebration he chose to mark his goal, which involved crawling towards the corner flag while Papa Waigo jumped on top of him in a style which can only be described as unorthodox.

The Daily Echo has reported that Saints may be in line for as many as 40,000 tickets for the final clash. It will be their first Wembley final since 1992, when they lost in the final of the Zenith Data Systems cup to Nottingham Forest. Trivia fans among you may be interested to know that was the last year the Full Members Cup was contested, as it was brought in to give British teams another cup outlet following the Heysel stadium disaster, which banned their entry into Europe.

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